«Tenement Building, the year 1882, architect V.N. Korneev».
Restoration with regeneration features and accustomization for business-hotel complex facilities situated at: Moscow, Solyanka str., 7, bld. 1,2,3 AB,5,6.
Project's working title: «Business-hotel complex at: Moscow, Solyanka,7». Floorage till 25 000 sq. m.

During delivery on the Project there will be realized initial permit documentation omission, historical-cultural expert examination, design documentation working out and advising in accordance with the established procedure. The final stage of works under the Project will become restoration and building permit obtaining, and set of business-hotel construction works and its completion in particular.
Distinctive features of the Project are its location in the city's business and cultural center and a special status of one of the buildings, specifically the main building of the complex (Solyanka, 7, bld. 1) is a historical monument, and more over the object of Moscow city cultural heritage. Accordingly in Project documentation Project's guardianship subject matter development, involving set of actions concerning composition's comprehensive restoration and architecturally decorative facades design and possessing historical interest ornamental decoration interior items, is provided.

«Business-hotel complex at: Moscow, Solyanka,7» Project's realization will be completed in terms till the year 2013.