Moscow Medical Center

Moscow Medical Center will be the first and only international-standard, general healthcare facility in the Russian Federation. Adhering to the principles of modern healthcare approaches, Moscow Medical Center will be designed and constructed to function as a “House of Health,” providing positive cash flows and solid profits for reinvestment, in order to provide unmatched healthcare services in Russia.

The medical center, 27 000 sq.m. of space, designed to create a patient-centered approach within a total healing environment, will comprise 55 stationeries, 5 VIP cubicles, 8 maternity wards and 50 outpatient observation wards. Besides, a modern conference center of MMC will home various conferences, symposiums and round tables of Russian doctors and surgeons, which will enable consistently improve quality of healthcare services in MMC. 

With a development budget of more than $108 million, the Moscow Medical Center is planned as Moscow’s premier international medical center. The Moscow Medical Center will consist of two primary buildings – one of five floors, the other of three. The Moscow Medical Center will provide the following general healthcare services, as part of a vast array of modern healthcare services:

By combining the experience of international architectural designers, state-of-the-art equipment and modern healthcare management techniques, the Moscow Medical Center will provide top-quality services to satisfy its selected target market.

Target market

The primary target market for the Moscow Medical Center is Russia’s growing middle class and elite, which includes businessmen, VIP’s, and members of government. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Russian healthcare has worsened due to the lack of private and public funding. The creation of a new middle and extremely wealth class of citizens combined with worsening medical care has created a gap between services required by the upper and middle classes, and the services available in Moscow. At the present moment several hospitals and clinics in Moscow are adding new equipment and services to their existing facilities to meet the needs of this newly formed market. Even with the recent upgrades to older medical facilities, the upper and middle classes are not able to receive full service/one-stop health care for all of their health concerns.