Jewish Agency for Israel in Russia – ANO “Sohnut”

« A.I. Alabov town mansion house, XVIII-XIX cc.»
Restoration and adaptation of the building's for current exploitation.
Moscow, Bolshoi Spasoglinischevskiy alley, 9/1, bld.7.
Floorage - over 1000 sq. m.
Building corresponds to historical monument and the subject of Moscow city cultural heritage guard.
Accordingly, as part of the Project and permit documentation set guardianship subject Project is also developed and implemented, considering high historical significance of facility, retaining of town-planning building's characteristics, original composition solutions, architectural and decorative facades design.
The set of works about shoring of foundation, existent walls injection strengthening, arrangement of a new supporting framework, new walls, bulkheads and roof coating building is realized.
Restoration works such as historical facades image reconstruction are already completed.

External basement walls full scale waterproof finish by means of injection method applying cement suspension and waterproofer mastic is executed (Centriecrete MV and MC-Inject GL-95 production BAUCHEMIE)
Advanced security system with access guarding under licensed adapt control, video control system with all weather color SONY video cameras equipped with heating system, security alarm, etc. are arranged.

Building is provided with BOSCH innovative host-based notification and music relay systems.

There is a local heat distribution and metering station for consumers' hot water and heating provision. Import consistent parts from leading manufacturers are applied. Calorifers bundling, filters, valves, trims, condensate traps, stop valves (reduced and full-bore taps, locking and adjusting) Oventrop production. Interconnection layout is implemented on pipes of cross-linked polyethylene.

In capacity of heating equipment steel panel-type Purmo radiators are used (Finland). Varnish coat of such radiators is drawn down by means of surfaces double staining method not preventing Purmo radiators from corrosion. Purmo radiators are adaptive to Russian conditions, certified in many European countries and also affirmed by GOST Russia Certificate of Conformity.
For upkeeping of a comfortable temperature modern central conditioning system with refrigerating unit and York fancoiles is arranged in the building. Powerful ventilation is provided by balanced system of ventilation based on Climate installations.