Balchug Plaza

The Balchug Plaza development is located in the historical heart of Moscow only 750 meters from the Kremlin, at the corner of Sadovnicheskaya Embankment and Balchug Street. A number of shopping and walking areas are in the immediate vicinity and Balchug Street itself is located in the heart of Moscow's business district. These two factors make the Balchug Plaza complex a convenient address for both tenants and visitors alike. From the windows of Balchug Plaza tenants and visitors will enjoy splendid views of St. George's Cathedral, Kremlin and Christ the Savior Cathedral.

The main entrance to the complex, located on Balchug Street, leads shoppers to the ground level shopping areas and business visitors to the elevator lobby for access to upper floors. Separate entrances exclusively for access to shopping areas are also available, restricting access to business areas and reducing unnecessary traffic.

Balchug Plaza houses nearly 19,300 square meters of leasable office space and shopping areas, centered around a pleasantly landscaped atrium, as well as approximately 200 parking spaces in the underground garage. The building «Shell & Core» was completed in the first quarter of 2005. The design of Balchug Plaza has preserved the historical architectural planning of the district and blend naturally into its architecture.

The Balchug Plaza complex is equipped with modern engineering systems and controls in accordance with business center class A standards and a single control center, allowing for efficient and economic building management as well as tenant comfort.

The Balchug Plaza complex was designed by Mosproekt 2 — one of Moscow's leading architecture companies. With significant experience in the city, Mosproekt 2 holds in its portfolio some of Moscow's most noteworthy architectural accomplishments such as the rebuilding of Christ the Savior Cathedral, The Kremlin Palace and Concert Hall, the reconstruction of Moscow's New Arbat district as well as the Hunter's Row Shopping Mall on Manyezh Square.

The Balchug Plaza was developed and managed by the following team of experienced and practiced professionals:


CMI Development & ST Balchug

Project Manager:

CMI Development & ST Balchug

General Contractor:

Codest International S.r.l.

Project Architect:

Mosproekt 2