Sport and Recreation center

Sports and recreation center (SRC) as a part of children's holiday camp (Moscow Region, Novaya Kupavna borough). Fully completed in the IInd quarter, 2010.

The Project has involved a broad range of works on architectural concepts development, designing, building and completion of the finished construction on a tight shedule.

There are 4 levels with a total area over 3000 sq.m in the building. Complex is able to accommodate simultaneously over 150 persons.

Complex is comprised of:
Four lines 11x25m Swimming pool with necessary automatic water exchange, technical purification equipment and audience space;
For pool water quality characteristics achievement and maintaining the following measures are provided:
-constant water exchange (circulation pump Astral (Spain) with roughing filters is installed);
- trickling filters water filtration;
- sustained fresh water inflow;
- combined disinfection - chlorine treatment and ultraviolet; and
- Pahlen (Switzerland) heating system, etc.
Pool's deck is equipped with underwater lighting equipment allowing inimitable illuminating effects creating.

Cross-functional gym allows to exercise comfortably and to hold competitions in volleyball, basketball, tennis, indoor soccer, gymnastic and etc.
Floor construction applies modern Grabo brand technologies in sporting surfaces arrangement relevant to the highest worldwide standards and providing the ultimate security and convenience for sportsmen.
The surface possesses a multilayer structure. A surface colored PVC course is executed in accordance with TECH Surface patented system and defined by easy cleaning and long life performance. Peculiar surface structure provides effective adhesion. Center contains fiberglass, provides reinforcement and perfect dimensional stability. Double layer cell closed PVC base layer provides corresponding sportive and protective functions combination.
Gym's equipment is presented by the best world producers:
Basketball frame works, general-duty posts, embedded sleeves for posts and towers, hall's division system, PORTER (USA) production flag's lifting system, La Rette (Italy) goals, electronic displays, NEXT X12 sound amplification cluster system, etc.

Fitness facility:
Fitness facility is equipped with the highest standard VASIL GYM training complex focused on professional sportsmen. Construction's reliability, ergonomics, quick and convenient adjustment, simplify start motion presence - all these provide sportsmen with comfortable and secure trainings.
Except training complex fitness facility equipment includes as well veloergometers and cardio-vascular machines, accessories and sports equipment for weight-lifting and etc.

Fitness hall per 40 persons:
Special flooring, mirrored wall, wall mounted handrails, special audio gear allow to go in for fitness, gymnastics, dancing and etc.

Complex out of 2 sauna bathes with different capacity are equipped with firing outfit with controls, cold plunge pools, modern gauges for sauna usage.

Men's and ladies change rooms, water closets, washhouses particularly for invalids are provided for each hall. Footbaths are additionally provided for swimming pool.
There are also administrative, engineering and auxiliary areas in this complex as of wardrobe, sitting rooms, coaches' rooms and medical staff offices.