Krylatsky Hills Business Park

Krylatsky Hills Business Park (“Krylatsky Hills”) was the very first international ‘business park’ development in Russia; a 58,000 square meter class A suburban office development divided into 4 buildings located in the Western Administrative District of Moscow, occupying 8,35 hectares on the west end of a 12-hectare site. The location is in the Krylatsky Hills Nature Preserve in an ecologically clean and beautiful area with the Moscow River only a few hundred meters away, with outstanding views of the Serebryanniy Bor across the river as well as of the city of Moscow.

Access from the center of Moscow is along Kutuzovsky Prospect and Rublevskoe Shosse, roads that are free from traffic lights from the Kremlin to Krylatsky Hills and downtown city dwellers travel counter to main traffic movements morning and evening. The residential areas to the West of Moscow are only a few minutes away and Sheremetevo airport is less than 30 minutes by car.

The business park has attracted numerous prominent tenants such as Microsoft, Intel, 3M, Cisco, British American Tobacco, Raiffeisen, GlaxoSmithKline, Honda, Johnson & Johnson and others. The site incorporates employee dining, banking, convenience shopping and other supporting amenities, making the development a self-sufficient world for the majority of office occupiers. The provided amenities have been chosen based on the experience of developers of similar office parks in other parts of the world, and a tenant survey of requirements.

The KHBP concept was completed by ABD Limited in cooperation with American architect NBBJ, a multi-specialty architectural firm with extensive experience in the design of suburban office complexes. Build-to-Suit solutions have been provided for certain anchor-tenants such as Microsoft, allowing them to get the ideal building satisfying both local and corporate business requirements. The main target market for Krylatsky Hills was personnel and technology-oriented companies for which quality, usability and working environment are more important than a City Center address.

CMI carried out this development from start to finish, from buying the land, creating the concept and all parts of construction and leasing.

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