Medical pavilion - Novaya Kupavna borough

Medical pavilion as part of children's holiday camp (Moscow Region, Novaya Kupavna borough). Works completed in the year 2010. Floorage over 2000 sq. m.

Project has involved a range of works on modern medical pavilion's architectural concept development, designing, building and completion.

In 2-storeyed medical pavilion doctors' consulting rooms, rooms for medical procedures, spacious convenient rooms and isolation wards with separate sanitary facilities, canteens and etc. are situated.
Contagious isolation ward are equipped with exits to the separate passage opening onto the street that allows being there under treatment without any contacts with wider public. Premises are finished with up to date sound materials, vinyl doors and windows with double-glazed windows are mounted, plastic interior doors are installed.
Medical pavilion's premises composition and equipment meets the latest requirements applied to such like medical institutes.
Modern local heat distribution and metering station is arranged in the building for consumers' hot water and heating provision.
Calorifers pipe work, Oventrop production locker, Danfoss pump installation.

As heating equipment steel panel-type radiators are used. Varnish coat of such radiators is coated by means of cataphoresis method by dint of double surfaces staining not allowing radiators to rust. Layout is accomplished on cross-linked polyethylene pipes.

The building is equipped with modern supply and exhaust ventilation systems, fire safety and automatic, signaling system.