Construction Management

A critical element of CMI’s development team is its Construction Management Department. At each stage of a project’s development, CMI’s Construction Managers work actively with pre-qualified contractors to assure the design is developing in accordance with the project goals for quality, schedule and budget. By using this approach, CMI saves time for its Investors by eliminating the risk that the project will have to be redesigned after the bid has been issued because it is either too expensive to build within the allocated budget or not possible to build within the allotted time frame.

CMI’s Construction Managers are focused on three central issues:

  1. Quality
  2. Schedule
  3. Budget

The Construction Manager is responsible for the management of the General Contractor and interface with the Design Team throughout the Construction Phase of the project with the above mentioned central issues in mind. Under the direction of the CMI Project Manager, the Construction Manager works very closely with the General Contractor and, if necessary, its subcontractors to meet the initial schedule, supervise the maintenance of that schedule, and ensure execution of the General Contractor’s obligations. The Construction Manager is also responsible for conducting weekly progress meetings, ensuring the overall coordination and timely approval of shop drawings and reviewing monthly payment applications.