About CMI — Management and Company Structure

Mr. Boris Kiperman, President

In 2001, Boris Kiperman was one of those who took part in the foundation of CMI Development, having ten years experience in effectively managing Alfa Development. Mr. Kiperman has been responsible for some of the most successful real estate developments in Moscow and has directed development of over $3 billion in a long list of projects, spanning over the complete spectrum of the Moscow real estate market; high- end residential, retail and office as well as full- scale industrial parks. Some of Mr. Kiperman’s most noted projects include the construction of some of Moscow’s finest office projects, including the prestigious Alfa Arbat Center and the award- winning Krylatsky Hills Business Park.

Mr. Kirill Klimov, First Vice President

Kirill Klimov entered the Moscow real estate development market in 1993 as chief of Alfa Estate agency, the real estate arm of Alfa Development. Following a number of key successes Mr. Klimov was invited to the post of Deputy General Director at Alfa Development. As its Deputy General Mr. Klimov was responsible for the oversight and supervision of a number of projects in a wide range of real estate sectors – from the construction of exclusive residential buildings to redevelopment of residential and nonresidential space and construction of commercial centers and office space. In his project portfolio Mr. Klimov holds the Rozhdestveno Residential Development – an exclusive town-house community of 50,000 square meters, renovation of the Alfa Bank building in Moscow, and construction of the first five stores in the Perekrestok chain. Mr. Klimov has also directed the projects for a number of Moscow’s elite residential mansions. Mr. Klimov’s has also been responsible for a large number of commercial and industrial projects in the town of Anadyr in the Chukotka Autonomous Republic.