About CMI — Mission

Founded by its President, Mr. Boris Kiperman, with the mission to develop Russia’s most unique, distinctive and challenging real estate developments, CMI Development quickly grew to become one of Moscow’s premier real estate development firms. With more than $3 billion in private equity investment in its development-portfolio, CMI has acquired a lead competitive position in the Moscow market and continues to grow.

To accomplish this leading position, Mr. Kiperman recruited the top western and Russian real estate developers with proven track records of delivering superior product. Inside the company there is a vast gathered experience of dealing with different projects in size and kind and cooperating with various partners, both Russian and foreign. CMI maintains an outstanding network of business contacts necessary for achieving results in Russia. CMI understands further the particular kind of problems that foreign market players might have with the Russian systems and processes and can foresee how to jointly deal with these situations. The company has gained a solid reputation of delivering highest quality products in a timely and professional manner. First Vice President Kirill Klimov successfully leads all CMI development project site teams.

To live up to the challenge of staying ahead of the market, CMI has committed to an innovative development strategy that allows it to rapidly design, permit, build and market its Investors’ projects. Maintaining a transparent business structure and open management style, CMI Development is appealing to Investors who have taken bold investment steps and are committed to fast- track development schedules. Realization of the most challenging projects and maximization of Investor’s profit and time schedule are CMI’s main aims. CMI firmly believes that good business is that which also benefits society as a whole and therefore implements environmental and social responsibility during the planning and implementation of its projects.

CMI Development would be pleased to provide its first class services for your important development project.

To learn more about CMI Development please contact:

Head of Marketing & Development Department info@cmi-development.ru