Changes in Land Use and Development Rules and Town-Planning Regulations

Indication of areas, where activities related to integrated and sustainable development of the territories are planned, is mandatory on the zoning maps, in case these works are scheduled. These territorial limits are also possible to be made on a separate map, and the establishment of these limits is performed along the boundaries of one or more territorial zones (p. 5.1, article 30).

As to Town-Planning Regulations relatively lands and objects of fundamental construction located within the boundaries of the corresponding territorial zones, in addition it shall include estimation of following:

  • minimally acceptable provision of the territory with objects of communal, transport, and social infrastructures;
  • maximum accessibility of the habitancy to these objects in case integrated and sustainable development of the territories is performed within their borders (p.4, part 6, article 30).

During preparation of Land Use and Development Rules, including Town-Planning Regulations, it is necessary to ensure on territories of settlements and urban districts the possibility to place objects of Federal, regional and local significance (except for linear objects) (part 3.1 article 31). In case the non-performance of these requirements, state authorities are obliged to send requirements to the heads of rural settlements/city districts to amend the Land Use and Development Rules (part 3.1, article 33). The period for amendments is 30 days after receipt of these requirements (part 3.2, article 33). It is not necessary to hold a public hearing for such amendments (part 3.3, article 33).

As to each zone (at establishment of Town-Planning Regulations) it is necessary to define the principal types of permitted use of lands and objects of capital construction (part 2.1, article 37).

Stiffening of rules relating to the limit sizes of lands and limiting parameters of allowed buildings, as well as reconstruction of objects of capital construction, took place (pp. 1, 1.1, 2, article 38).

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