Other changes

Minor changes affected the principles of the planning legislation (article 2).

Few amendments were made to regulations concerning development of built-up areas (p. 4, article 46.1), agreements for development of built-up area (pp. 3, 6, 7, part 3, article 46.2), agreements for integrated area development (p. 2, part 5, article 46.4) and agreements for integrated area development for construction of housing economy (pp. 2, 9, part 4, article 46.6).

Due to reform of normative legal acts, corresponding changes in the Town-Building Code were made. On the basis of p. 5 of part 4 of article 46.6 of the Town Building Code, the Federal law of 24.07.2007 No. 221 "On state immovable property cadastre" will be changed on Federal law No. 218 dated 13.07.2015 "On state registration of real estate".

Based on these changes, the Registers of immovable property will also be renamed. So the “Unified state register of rights to immovable property and transactions with it” will be renamed on “Unified state register of real estate (parts 7.2; 9.2; 21.3 article 51).

While holding of an auction by bidding on a treaty-making power on land use planning and management of economy housing, a treaty-making power on integrated development of areas for the same, the land allocated for it must not encumbered and shall be owned by state authorities or municipality (p. 2, part 8, article 46.7).

Article No 53 “Building inspection” and article No. 55 “Issue of permits for setting an object to work” were also amended.

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