Power of Government Authorities

In the past, the Government Authorities of the Russian Federation were obliged to regulate the ratification of papers on area planning only relating to the location of Federal facilities. Since January 2017, their duties also include ratification of all documentation relating to each case under the Town Planning Сode (p. 2, part 1, article 6).
Prior amendments have entered into force, authorities carried out ratification of project general plans, use specification of lands and buildings relating exclusively to the territories with historical significance. From the beginning of this year, such ratification, and, accordingly, approval of project works according territorial planning of districts owned by the municipalities, projects of General plans of rural settlements and city districts will be made if those are prescribed in the Town Planning Code (p. 7.2, part 1, article 6).
The same changes are applied to power of the state authorities of the constituent of the Russian Federation (p. 2.5, article 7), as well as of bodies of municipal and rural entities (subparagraph 4, parts 1-3, Article 8).

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