Amendments of the Town Planning Code

The amendments in teminology of the Town Planning Code and in the part concerning Area Planning took effect.

Terminology changes

Article 1 of Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation undergoes the most changes:

- p. 9 – the meaning of “town planning regulations”  term was extended;

- p. 11 – a correction of  “red lines” term was applied; 

- p.10.1 -  a new concept of “linear facilities” was introduced;

- p. 21 – “parking” term is corrected;

- p. 29 –  “car parking space” term is introduced;

- p. 34 – “activities for integrated and sustainable development of the territory” term is defined;

- p. 35 – “elements of the planning structure” term is also defined.

Area Planning Changes

According to the Federal law № 373 dated March 3, 2016, amendments to article 41 of the Town Planning Code are introduced in connection with event regulation for preparation, finalizing and ratification of documents for area planning, while article 44 of the Code to be unenforceable. Amendments took effect from the beginning of 2017. New articles governing General rules of document flow relating to area planning, engineering surveys at the development of such documents (article 41.1; 41.2) are introduced.

Significant changes will also take places according to requirements for projects of area planning (article 42), the area survey (article 43), the development and ratification of documents on area planning (article 45), the details of the document development on area planning that apply to the territories of settlements and urban districts (article 46). Federal law No. 373 defines also the main features of the application of these articles.

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