Other changes

Minor changes affected the principles of the planning legislation (article 2).

Few amendments were made to regulations concerning development of built-up areas (p. 4, article 46.1), agreements for development of built-up area (pp. 3, 6, 7, part 3, article 46.2), agreements for integrated area development (p. 2, part 5, article 46.4) and agreements for integrated area development for construction of housing economy (pp. 2, 9, part 4, article 46.6).


Integrated Area Development

Following articles were appended to the Town-Planning Regulations


Power of Government Authorities

In the past, the Government Authorities of the Russian Federation were obliged to regulate the ratification of papers on area planning only relating to the location of Federal facilities. Since January 2017, their duties also include ratification of all documentation relating to each case under the Town Planning Сode (p. 2, part 1, article 6).


Changes in Land Use and Development Rules and Town-Planning Regulations

Indication of areas, where activities related to integrated and sustainable development of the territories are planned, is mandatory on the zoning maps, in case these works are scheduled.


Amendments of the Town Planning Code

The amendments in teminology of the Town Planning Code and in the part concerning Area Planning took effect.

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